„The best dog of my life”

Csaba Tanai and Szamóca passed their road safety exam.

Dodging the people and shopping carts in the Pólus Center gave Szamóca a good
opportunity to show how she is prepared for the exam. Our guide dog indicated the curbs
nicely, Csaba exactly started the dog when crossing the road, which is very important, as it
decides whether the exam will be successful or not.

-said Szamóca’s trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács.
They went at a good pace, the scooters propped up in the middle of the sidewalk couldn’t trip them up, they easily bypassed them, and the human factor which dropped in for every exam wasn’t late either, now in the form of a circling old man. It was not intentional, of course, that he zigzagged back and forth in front of them, and when Szamóca had almost bypassed him, he stepped in front of them again. Finally, our dog stood at the end of the line and waited for the old man to stop, and then bypassed him.

Szamóca quickly settled in with Csaba.

The rain didn’t bother them, they weren’t even afraid of it, since they practiced in the rain during the preparation.

I liked that Szamóca worked well, and also that Csaba let her work, trusted her.

-assessed the examination committee, and then gave the pair an excellent rating.

The best dog of my life.

-said Csaba about Szamóca.

She was confident, she was up to the task, we could work together at the exam perfectly.
I owe a lot to Szamóca’s trainer, Mária, who saw that I also wanted the success. Szamóca is
my third guide dog, I have a routine, but I still learned a lot of new things during the
I could compare it to that when a sighted person buys a new car and it takes time to get used
to it. I am also very happy that Szamóca quickly integrated into the pack, along with my
previous guide dog, Bonca, who is spending her retirement years with me, and she also likes
my dog ​​Olivér, which is a chocolate-colored poodle. We have just got home from our walk.
Szamóca and me love each other from the first moment, just like with my other two dogs.

Csaba had been going to raise awareness with Bonca, who also retired from this role, and Szamóca took her place.
We wish Csaba and Szamóca good luck and happy years together!