traffic safety test

Sandor Nagy and Szezám (Sesame) passed the road safety exam in Sopron.

The confidence coming from the guide dog carried everyone off their feet. The nervous owner was also impressed by her, so everything went well in the road safety exam.

We thank Mónika Köbli for training Szezám.

Agota Lukacs and her guide dog Oliver, who live in Szolnok, have recently passed the traffic safety test successfully. The human-canine duo have been working together since October 2022.

“Oliver used to be a very cheeky student of mine” – said Darinka Farkas,

Guide dog Sepra – who turned 2 recently – and owner Alexandra passed their traffic safety test despite pouring rain in Budapest’s Disctrict XIV. ‘Enjoying a lovely stroll in winter sunshine? None of my students had the pleasure recently.’- said Serpa’s trainer, Maria Kovacs Nyirine.