traffic safety exam

The last of the “I”-generation, or, as his puppy educator, Marika Szűcs called him, “White Prince”, alias Ikon passed his road safety exam successfully. Széll István fell in love with his the precise, reliable work of Ikon when they first met, and attuned to each other very soon.

Palásti Tibor and Szamos passed their road safety exam successfully. The pair was prepared to the contest by our trainer, Darinka Farkas. Darinka says that she is very proud of them and that they have shaken together so soon, as they proved it during the exam.

Ágnes Mészáros and Ion passed their traffic safety exam today. Ion, the black Labrador guided his owner with great confidence, paying no attention to the crowd heading to work. Ágnes and Ion were prepared for the exam by the trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács.


Lilla Plachy and her guide dog passed the road safety exam today. Lilla and Inga make a great pair, they could work together as real partners even in case of unexpected situations. Lilla and Inga were prepared for the exam by our trainer, Mónika Köbli.