Following my four siblings, I would like to introduce myself today. There are many yellow puppies in the M litter, only three of us are black, and I belong to the majority. I am a beautiful yellow male puppy. Márvány (it means Marble in English)….

3 of Iris’s puppies has been already introduced to you, now comes a yellow little girl. As her sisters and brothers, Menta is also very playful and her favourite hobby is eating.

Menta, as a true Labrador, loves her stomach.

Menta is a beautiful yellow girl,

My name is Mágnes (in english:Magneto). You have already met my siblings but now it’s my turn! I am also one of Iris’s puppies. Now I am already one month old, and I even had my name giving. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Puppies of Iris are 4-week-old, their eyes are opened, so it was high time to give names to them. After the first-born Mese, now we introduce Milka.

Milka, the black female labrador puppy looks at the world curiously

Milka is a black female puppy,