Today we introduce Mítosz, whose name means “myth”. He is a beautiful, yellow, little Labrador boy. Katalin, the puppies’ carer says that in spite of being a boy, he is the most hysteric. Of course, this fact doesn’t affect his cuteness.

Mítosz, the beautiful,

Today we would like to introduce to you Mokka, the beautiful black girl, who looks exactly like her mum, Iris.

Mokka looks exactly like her mum, Iris.

Mokka’s carer, Katalin and her husband also agree that there’s a complete similarity: Mokka and the mother are really look alike.

Following my four siblings, I would like to introduce myself today. There are many yellow puppies in the M litter, only three of us are black, and I belong to the majority. I am a beautiful yellow male puppy. Márvány (it means Marble in English)….

3 of Iris’s puppies has been already introduced to you, now comes a yellow little girl. As her sisters and brothers, Menta is also very playful and her favourite hobby is eating.

Menta, as a true Labrador, loves her stomach.

Menta is a beautiful yellow girl,