puppy raiser

It is a complicated process before a puppy becomes a guide dog. Labrador puppies live with our puppy raisers until they are one year old. Letting the puppy go can be a difficult process for our puppy raisers, so we offer help as follows.

The most frequently asked question by those interested in raising a puppy is how they will be able to let the dog go at the end of the training.

The only way our volunteers can raise wholeheartedly a pup is by experiencing what it’s like to be blind and solve situations on their own. Guide dogs give owners an emotional and physical sense of security, and it’s important that puppy raisers know what that feels like.

Our mother Zina gave birth to eleven beautiful and healthy puppies. The mum and the little ones are well too, Zina was accompanied by her friend, a kitty until the time she gave birth.

The proud mum and the 11 little ones

The puppies are golden coloured,