puppy raiser

Little ones and big ones repeated their tasks together during our puppy-meeting in February. Calling-up in more difficult circumstances was practiced with our dogs.

We met at a meadow behind the Memento-park, near the district called Kamaraerdő. Meanwhile the puppies had a great walk and playing with each other,

Following the easing of the lock down restrictions, our trainers and guide dog trainee puppies met in Miskolc for a social gathering. Both humans and canines spent a fun day together, playing and learning some new skills. 

The puppies started the day with freely running around in a big group,

Körte was born at out Foundation and she moved to our puppy raiser, Ágnes Birkás at her eight weeks of age. Now she is studying further at our trainer Mária Nyíriné Kovács so that later she can be a companion for a visually impaired person.