puppy meeting

Little ones and big ones repeated their tasks together during our puppy-meeting in February. Calling-up in more difficult circumstances was practiced with our dogs.

We met at a meadow behind the Memento-park, near the district called Kamaraerdő. Meanwhile the puppies had a great walk and playing with each other,

Our team once again provided a colorful spectacle at the Campona shopping centre, where we held our puppy meeting with the participation of 11 student dogs. This time we set ourselves the goal of devoting as much time as possible to some special tasks.

We did a few rounds at an animal feed store,

This is the first time that the pups of our own-bred litter “T” could participate in a puppy meeting. Tulipán, Titán, Torma and their brothers and sisters were delighted to see each other again and were fascinated to watch our older guide dog candidates.