We follow the life of our guide dogs from the time they are only puppies. The puppies are taken in by puppy raisers when they are only a few months old. The puppy raisers teach them the basics which will be very important during their training.

We educate and help our future guide dogs from an early age. The puppies start the education in their first months, they begin with the bases. In our video, Maróthy Miklós, who has much experience  in educating our dogs, tells us how we can teach more guide dogs with your help. 

M puppies had been living with their mother, Iris yet, when plush toys were given to them by our colleagues. Our yellow labradors chose this glitter unicorn from several toys. They were so excited that they couldn’t even decide who to play with it.

A video was also made about the encounter between the dogs and the unicorn.

I am Müzli. I would like to greet you from my puppy raisers’ home. This is not the first time for them to participate in the puppy raiser program. I live together with my foster-sister, Fidzsi and my brother, Kappa. I can learn a lot from them.