Another litter was born on 30 th April at our School for Guide Dogs. Since then, the puppies’ eyes and ears have started to open and they move more and more. There is a huge interest in them and it is not only because they are cute but because
they are,

We are delighted to announce to you that last night the “A” litter was born.

„The nine puppies are doing great. The five females and four males were born quickly, as it counts for such a big litter in a 4-hour time span.

Following our traditions, we held a naming ceremony. The 6-week-old puppies got these names: Zseton, Zsálya, Zenit, Zengő, Zorka.

Calgary gave birth to five puppies this Easter, two yellow female, two black and one yellow male. They became the 11th litter born in our breeding program.

Mignon was the tenth puppy while born, the black labrador. It wasn’t expected to have another baby, so she was a surprise bonus. 

Mignon, the black labrador loves sleeping, playing and eating

The puppy educator, Katalin and the professional director of our school were all very surprised for the bonus,