Our youngest team mates are called – Cserkész (Scout), Ciprus (Cyprus), Csengő (Bell), Csatár (Striker), Cetli (Slip-of paper), Csúzli (Crotch), Cifra (Gaudy), Csipke (Lace), Citrom (Lemon), and Cseresznye (Cherry)

This time as well, Bóbita had pulled the names from among those were sent by our followers of our website.

Our Foundation is looking for volunteer puppy raisers for ten little Labradors. You can take an eight- week-old puppy home in the middle of July. This relationship can lead to a lifelong friendship with a wonderful dog who will help his/her visually impaired owner.

Szellő gave birth to her ten puppies a month ago,

Szellő gave birth to ten beautiful, yellow puppies on 21 May. The four female and six male puppies feel great.

The mother dog and the puppies are also well, they eat eagerly and sleep soundly. Those are the first puppies of Szellő, and we are very proud of her,

Another litter was born on 30 th April at our School for Guide Dogs. Since then, the puppies’ eyes and ears have started to open and they move more and more. There is a huge interest in them and it is not only because they are cute but because
they are,