Litter D’s two-week puppy rotation is almost over. Deka is a lovely little girl who has lived a quiet, peaceful life in the suburbs and has now conquered the city centre.

The D litter puppies have reached an exciting age: they are 6 months old and it’s time for their puppy swap.

The little Labradors sleep peacefully under the Christmas tree.

Tired from the big game, Zina’s 8-week-old puppies snuggled up next to each other to rest. We invited Nóra Varga, who received her guide dog from our foundation and takes our mission to heart.

Our foundation had ten Labrador puppies born at the beginning of September. The very active team just turned 7 weeks old and came up with “chilling” Halloween surprise. We show how they play with spiders, bats and others.

Dongó, Darázs and their brothers and sisters are a lot of fun.