guide dogs

We are obliged for Fair-Trade Dental Ltd., a dental company, for its support of HUF 700,000 in the training of guide dogs.

Kiwi and Diamond immediately got into the luggage rack of the excellent car. Our executive manager Piroska Komondi handed over a certificate to the executives of Fair-Trade Dental Kft

During the training we go to practice sites daily with our dogs, 

Géniusz is not entirely aware of the size of his body, so body awareness is an area to be developed. His trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács helps him with this. But what does it mean exactly?

Géniusz, the beautiful black Labrador is practicing diligently

Hind foot awareness can be developed.

Nóra Edelényiné Sebestyén and Cora passed the road safety exam successfully on the 27th of August in Miskolc. Strimmel, the previous guide dog of Nora, was also trained by us. Strimmel has already been retired but he is living with Nóra’s family happily. Cora took the lead in everyday traffic with her youthful dynamism and extremely responsible devotion.

Our guide dog students are in the fortunate position that their puppy raisers do everything to make every moment of the summer enjoyable for them. They are taken on holidays, or they can have a dip or swim in their private pool, sunbathe and of course they spend time with their god friends,