guide dogs

Our mother Zina gave birth to eleven beautiful and healthy puppies. The mum and the little ones are well too, Zina was accompanied by her friend, a kitty until the time she gave birth.

The puppies are golden coloured, there are six boys and five girls. 

We are obliged for Fair-Trade Dental Ltd., a dental company, for its support of HUF 700,000 in the training of guide dogs.

During the training we go to practice sites daily with our dogs, we meet regularly with puppies, invite our dogs to events throughout the country and us. 

Géniusz is not entirely aware of the size of his body, so body awareness is an area to be developed. His trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács helps him with this. But what does it mean exactly?

Hind foot awareness can be developed. Mária Nyíriné Kovács tries to call him up objects and surfaces where he doesn’t jump but steps or climbs up or has to push himself;