guide dogs

Our mother dog gave birth to 10 puppies within 10 hours! The latest generation of guide dogs has arrived. Our colleagues spent two days with Iris, because although our mother dog showed the signs of approaching labor on Monday, February 18th, the first puppy was born only after 10:00 AM on Tuesday morning.

Guide dogs were a huge success at FEHOVA (Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition), where Baráthegyi team is an inevitable participant. Just as we packed out the equipment, the curious crowd lined up to see what was going on.

Of course, we didn’t have to encourage them a lot,

It’s my turn to introduce myself: my name is Lámpás. I look exactly like my mom with my chocolate-brown colour, I’m just a bit smaller. Still.

In my free time I love being and playing with my brother, Leon. I’m a really alert baby girl,

Limbo is just a bit darker than her sister, Latte. She can cover with her very lovely girlish face that she is a real go-getter.

She was born with the highest weight in the litter, and she thinks that this fact empowers her to exercise her will.