guide dogs

Henna had to retire last year because of a  hip problem. Since then the 8-year-old guide dog has been living with Katalin and her husband in their warm-hearted home in Bátaapáti. The couple previously gave home to another retired guide dog, Miru. Henna now had the chance to meet her previous owner,

Hello! Let me introduce myself, I am Lars however I was almost named Bonus. I am sure that now you ask: why? I tell you. It seemed that no more puppies to come after my five siblings were born. The usual things to do after birth had just begun when I was born.

The six-week old puppy test for the Labrador litter, recently introduced on Facebook Live, took place at the headquarters of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School on Saturday. We were curious about the capabilities and personality of the prospective guide dog puppies, so that we can find the most ideal volunteer puppy raising family for them.