guide dog

In the past few weeks, a lot of dogs have eaten the moldy walnuts that fell in the fall and were left under the trees. The life of our guide dog, Pixel, had to be saved. It is a big help for visually impaired owners if the sighted people nearby help them when they notice that the guide dog is eating something while running.

Dogs roaming without supervision, attacked Száva and her visually impaired owner twice in the city of Győr. It was down to luck that they got over of them without severe injuries. The guide dogs value a lot therefore our Foundation makes a call to the dog owners’ society.

Agota Lukacs and her guide dog Oliver, who live in Szolnok, have recently passed the traffic safety test successfully. The human-canine duo have been working together since October 2022.

“Oliver used to be a very cheeky student of mine” – said Darinka Farkas,