Leon, Latte, Lars and the other L puppies are more than 4 months old, they left their mother, participated at the puppy meeting and started to learn the basics. We are very proud to train them to be guide dogs and they will help in the daily life of their visually impaired owners.

On Mother’s Day, Mese, Mítosz, Müzli, Morze, Márvány, Mágnes, Menta, Mokka, Mignon and Milka would like to thank to their mother, Iris for the care taken by her in the last months. Iris took care of the puppies from the first moment, she pushed them under the infra lamp with her nose.

The task of these puppies is to feel good, to discover the world and to learn the basics from their puppy raisers. Watch in our video how our smallest puppies are running about.

M puppies are running about together