Ikon has been training with his owner, Sándor for more than one month. We made a video in March with his trainer, Nyíriné Kovács Mária in which we can get to know the journey of Ikon’s development to an excellent pupil. We are very glad for him in the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School.

Mignon was the tenth puppy while born, the black labrador. It wasn’t expected to have another baby, so she was a surprise bonus. 

Mignon, the black labrador loves sleeping, playing and eating

The puppy educator, Katalin and the professional director of our school were all very surprised for the bonus,

The Romanian firefighters thanked us in a post on their Facebook page for the appearance of our rescue dog, Trafi in the NATO practice test called “Vigorous Warrior 2019”. They said: “Trafi taught us that animals have a soul too. He was very brave and he didn’t care about any danger or injury.” We are very proud that we trained Trafi in the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School.

Morze is a blonde boy who is although a puppy, really likes being grumpy. He grumps at his siblings when they take away his favourite toys. 

Morze the labrador is the biggest one in the “M” breed

Morze was born with the greatest weight and he has been keeping this habit since then.