Many things happened to him: There was time when he guided not only one but two fellows. We wish happy birthday to Tex, Ervin’s guide dog.

”I am grateful for his many help. We get around with great enthusiasm not only in Budapest but all over the country.

The puppies from the „O” litter turned 3 years old today. Our own breed litter celebrates its birthday on October 27. Oktáv, Orion, and Ózon became trained guide dogs and they live with their owners, Olivér is about to take an exam, Origó and Okker have become personal service dogs.

There was a great bustle at our puppy raiser, Marika Szűcs when she was visited by her first raised dog. The dog did it for a good reason because he was invited for a birthday party. Ikon got a birthday cake which was eaten by him,