Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs

It’s my turn to introduce myself: my name is Lámpás. I look exactly like my mom with my chocolate-brown colour, I’m just a bit smaller. Still.

Lámpás, the brunette puppy looks the most like her mom

In my free time I love being and playing with my brother,

Limbo is just a bit darker than her sister, Latte. She can cover with her very lovely girlish face that she is a real go-getter.

Limbo covers her go-getter temper with lovely look

She was born with the highest weight in the litter,

The latest generation of guide dogs was born. The name of the firstborn is Latte. Emese and Niki together helped 6 brothers and sisters to come into the world, and now they begin to introduce the puppies to you one by one.

Latte is the firstborn

Latte will be the first.