Szabolcs and Elvis in the Kindergarten

Kurucsai Szabolcs and his guide dog, Elvis visited the kindergarten in Baross Street in Szeged to tell the little ones about the everyday life of the visually impaired people and guide dogs.

Now they also share their experiences with us:

“I was pleased to obey the invitation of the kindergarten in Baross Street in Szeged, where all the little ones were eagerly waiting for us.  The kindergartners passed from hand to hand the barrier-free magic cube developed for the visually impaired and the book written in palpable Braille.  The little ones asked about the white cane and how we managed to get there with Elvis. The groups grew silent with surprise when my phone started to talk. The next time we meet they will already know how to behave in the presence of a guide dog practicing his profession in harness. Elvis seriously wondered at the end of the day whether he should include chocolate milk served in a spotted mug in his diet. 🙂 “

In the picture there is man talking in front of a group of kindergartners sitting around a carpet. His guide dog, a black Labrador is standing next to him.
During lecture