Successfully completed the first guide dog developer camp

Lasted from 21 September 2014 until 27 the chief developer guide dog camp, which is unprecedented in Hungary. The camp is intended to ensure the professional program in Hungary a guide dog from traveling in different settlements of visually impaired people – regardless of which entity was the dogs – who are willing to transport dogs could develop in any area of the dog or cohabitation. The advanced training guide dog trainers, rehabilitation specialists, and assisting in the program of volunteers. Both the organizers and the participants were unanimous final determination that it is very well done this week, made ​​a preliminary goals of the camp.
In professional guide dog programs implemented in the heterogeneous sites by using an opportunity for individuals and groups, both theoretical and practical exercises, given the development of problem-solving situations.
Of course, different advice and assistance were made. Among other things, the management of workplace issues, information technology, the ubiquitous use of computers and phones, a dog grooming and care, as well as in the field of animal health.
Organized recreational programs also contributed to the guide dog transport technique refinement, and blind people have left pleasant memories of Miskolc.
Color of all the week-long camp programs, meaningful photographs can be viewed by clicking on the link below facebook page, and our pinterest gallery.
video summaries will soon clicking on the link below youtube Channel,

First guide dog developer camp  final group photo
First guide dog developer camp final group photo

Once again, thank you very much for the “inmates” and supports the voluntary sacrifice and successful work throughout the week!
See you next year same place the same way!