Successful guide dog exams

In a morning of February we woke up to a guide dog exam day. Our destinations were Somogy and Baranya, two counties of Hungary.

The first candidates were Debóra Szabó and Emi, her lovely chocolate brown labrador retriever bitch who we met in Kaposvár. They have been working together as a team since August and time has come to show others what they are capable of! The audience’s feedback was so important to Emi that she kept looking behind her back during the exam to see what her followers think about her performance. The exam started out from the local bus station where the team successfully got over the first obstacle and found the right bus stop. This first task wasn’t really a problem at all, Emi was very confident when choosing from the several similar columns. They accomplished this task with great confidence and after getting off, they headed home. The way home was full off zebra crossing, getting to the other side of the road and changing to a new direction tasks. We are proudly congratulating to the youngest guide dog owner of the Foundation, who has a very good skill with these helpers, to this great achievement of successfully passing the exam. Furthermore we would like to thank to Éva Németh and her kind family, who were sacrificing their efforts and time to raise Emi in their family, which was a big help for us.

In the picture Debora is standing on the street.  Her chocolate brown labrador is standing on her left.   The dog -lead is her right hand.
Debora and Emi


The second candidate team was waiting for the exam in Szigetvár. István Vucseta and Oti, her golden retriever bitch, totally aware of her own beauty, were waiting for is with anxiety. After getting their route to complete they started it in their fast pace, the exam committee had to catch their stride to follow them. Oti was driving her owner through smaller and bigger obstacles, they made a short visit in a local bank, which meant that even the doors and stairs are feasible. They go for their everyday walk around the Castle of Szigetvár. The exam committee was a little bit envy for this beautiful environment, but then came the next part of the exam: obedience and calling in exercises. Oti did the first way in a real „golden way”, which meant that without hurrying and precipitancing and the latter was also successful. After that, they headed home. We would like to congratulate again to their nice and balanced job.

In the picture Istvan is bendig down and tying Oti, the golden retriever’ s dog-lead. Oti is sitting at his legs.
István and Oti

We would also like to thank to Mónika Köbli, Emi and Oti’s trainer for her sacrificing efforts.

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