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  1. “Raising puppies is awesome”
  2. “He Was My Depleting Power” – Cross-country Race with Guide Gog
  3. “She’s a dog at the end of the day”: Guide dog owners’ perspectives on the behaviour of their guide dog
  4. “We became three and still hold together”
  5. „Go Out!”
  6. „I love that you are a woman, my dear owner!”
  7. „I never pick green strawberries”
  8. „The best dog of my life”
  9. 10 puppies within 10 hours!
  10. 101 guide dogs – part one
  11. 1956 Commemoration also for the Visually Impaired
  12. 3 of our pairs passed successfully their exams
  13. 6 little puppies-6 little individuals
  14. 70 children became acquainted with us and our guide dogs
  15. 80. birthday for guide dogs
  16. A Big Adventure for Our Youngest Pups
  17. A dog’s color could impact longevity, increase health issues
  18. A gift collection worth a quarter million forints for guide dogs
  19. A new chapter begins in Milka’s life
  20. A new successful traffic safety exam
  21. A New Team, Alexa and Gamma
  22. A New Team: Krisztián and His Guide Dog, Nina
  23. A Really Cool Team: Kristóf and His Guide Dog, Brendon
  24. A Special Day
  25. A ticket-Inspector claimed that a muzzle was required – He was not right
  26. A wild dog injured one of our guide dogs
  27. Ádám and his Guide Dog Bözsi
  28. Adventure Tour and Picnic with Guide Dogs
  29. Adventures at the Youth Days of Szeged
  30. Ágnes Mészáros and Ion passed their exam
  31. Alexa and her guide dog, Fahéj
  32. Alexa and her guide dog, Fahéj took a successful exam
  33. Alexa and Titan Pass Exam With Flying Colours
  34. Alexandra and Serpa successfully pass exam
  35. Alma is a true support dog, in every possible way
  36. An Exciting Challenge
  37. An Excursion in Miskolc
  38. An Extraordinary Sports Day with Guide Dogs
  39. An IT specialist can only have a dog named Pixel
  40. An outing to Hajógyári (Shipyard) Island
  41. Andras and Google passed their Exam
  42. Andris Angyal and the Baráthegyi Ambassador Program
  43. Andy shows you the station but doesn’t read the timetable
  44. Angol teszt cikk
  45. Ani and her Guide Dog, Felhő Passed the Exam
  46. Another Successful Exam
  47. Another Successful Exam
  48. Another Successful Exam in October
  49. Another Successful Traffic Safety Exam
  50. Another Successful Traffic Safety Exam
  51. Another Team Have Found Each Other
  52. Antonia and Her Guide Dog, Felhő
  53. Appointing a Student Headmaster with Guide Dogs
  54. April showers bring not only May flowers but guide dogs
  55. Artúr and the Others: What Did They Learn?
  56. As Milka’s new owner, Szindi doesn’t need others’ help anymore
  57. At the Conference of the European Guide Dog Federation
  58. Back to School – Lesson 1: How not to drag your human and resisting temptation
  59. Baráthegyi Ambassador Program
  60. Baráthegyi guide dogs at FeHoVa
  61. Baráthegyi on Health Day
  62. Bebe and Barbara support each other in every way
  63. Being at Sensitizing Activity as Volunteer
  64. Birthday with Guide Dogs
  65. Bodza, the student guide dog as a special education assistant
  66. Born to be a rescue dog
  67. Brendon and Bonca in Vác
  68. Brigi and Artúr have sucessfully passed the exam
  69. Calgary Presented us Nine Puppies
  70. Call me Legend(a)!
  71. Can a Guide Dog “Know” Its Owner Is Blind?
  72. Can I describe myself with one word?
  73. Charity auction of painting for Rusty the poisoned loyal guide dog
  74. Charity Concert for Guide Dogs
  75. Check Gandhi
  76. Cheeky Pup Transform into Guide Dog
  77. Cheeky Puppy Grows Up to Be Super Helpful Guide Dog
  78. Children’s Day in Békásmegyer
  79. Children’s Day in Zubony
  80. Children’s Day with Guide Dogs
  81. Children’s Day with Guide Dogs
  82. Children’s Favorites: Bóbita, Dió and Fanni
  83. Christmas of Bukfenc (Tumble)
  84. Citrom in the Big City
  85. Community service with guide dogs
  86. Competitions and playful tasks – this is how our adolescent students practice
  87. Concert in the dark with a beautiful guide dog
  88. Congratulations to the winners of the Pumpkin-Carving Competition
  89. Consumer Protection to Pick Up Guide Dog Wizz Air Case
  90. Csaba and His Guide Dog, Bonca
  91. Daniel and Origo successfully passed the exam today!
  92. Debóra and Emi have graduated
  93. Deka has become an exchange student
  94. Dia and Bagira successfully pass their traffic safety exam
  95. Dió and Delta in Hernádszentandrás
  96. Diva Adventure
  97. Doctor Dolittle, who has a guide dog, makes friends with a magpie
  98. Does Green Light Produce an Audible Signal Where You Live?
  99. Dog attacked one of our guide dogs – it has been rescued by two brave pupils
  100. Dog Attacks on Guide Dogs: The Personal and Financial Cost
  101. Dog Helps Graduate
  102. Dog-Friendly Beach at Lake Velence as We Have Seen It
  103. Dog-friendly Beach in Fonyód – As We’ve Seen It
  104. Dogs and fireworks: How can you help keep them calm?
  105. Dogs in danger – Pixel had walnut poisoning
  106. Doing their best even in the worst situation – Írisz and Dolly successfully passed their tests
  107. Dolly is a hard-working student
  108. Dóra and Fidzsi at the Fashion Show
  109. Dóra and her Guide Dog, Fidzsi
  110. Dóri and Fidzsi’s successful exam
  111. Dr. Bérczi Antalné and Tesla
  112. Drivers and Guide-dogs Unite!
  113. Ebu’s first Christmas as a guide dog
  114. Elvis and Mézes started their journey of a lifetime
  115. english test article
  116. Enjoying life and learning to be a guide dog
  117. Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs
  118. Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs
  119. Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs
  120. Ervin and Vackor Completed their Exam in Pouring Rain
  121. Erzsi and Gesztenye Passed the Exam
  122. Ever Since We Found Each Other, Everything Has Fallen into Place
  123. Everness Festival with Guide Dogs
  124. Everything, including love, petting and reward treats have been duplicated since Mese arrived
  125. Exam Day
  126. Family Day with Guide Dogs
  127. Farewell to summer tour with guide dogs
  128. Felhő in a School
  129. Ferenc and Rézi passed their exams with flying colours
  130. Fiera’s puppies were born. Watch them live!
  131. First guide dog developer camp
  132. First Puppy Summit Held after Quarantine Lifted
  133. Foreign Young People Met Hungarian Guide Dogs
  134. Four exams were successfully passed in September
  135. Four new guide dog candidates have started our puppy education training
  136. Four-legged Elves Help Deliver Christmas Presents
  137. From playful to excellent – Ikon
  138. Future Guide Dogs were Taken to Visit to the Primary School of Blind Children
  139. Géniusz is a hard-working student
  140. Géniusz is wired into people
  141. Gesztenye (Chestnut) has Stolen the Show on her Owner’s Graduation Ceremony
  142. Get to know Mítosz
  143. Get to know Morze
  144. Golden Effie Award 2014 for the hungarian guide dogs
  145. Grafit loves learning new things
  146. Guide dog Bebe and owner Barbara are inseparable
  147. Guide Dog Competition
  148. Guide Dog in BAY-LOGI at the Researchers’ Night
  149. Guide dog in Ferenc Kazinczy Primary School
  150. Guide Dog Owners and Wolves
  151. Guide Dog Puppy Training with Playful Activities
  152. Guide Dog Trainer Fighting COVID Gets Support from Visually Impaired Friends
  153. Guide dog trainers at Dog Ethology Conference in Budapest
  154. Guide dogs again at WSR, again at Hungaroring!
  155. Guide Dogs and Firefighter Competition
  156. Guide Dogs and Letcho
  157. Guide dogs are most at risk when they have rest
  158. Guide Dogs at a Children’s Rights Event
  159. Guide Dogs at FeHoVa
  160. Guide Dogs at FeHoVa
  161. Guide dogs at Kolor Festival
  162. Guide Dogs at Rigips
  163. Guide dogs eye screening
  164. Guide dogs have a serious task
  165. Guide dogs in a Children’s hospital
  166. Guide Dogs in a Kindergarten
  167. Guide Dogs in a Kindergarten
  168. Guide Dogs in a School in Szeged
  169. Guide Dogs in Camp Bregyó
  170. Guide Dogs in Eger
  171. Guide Dogs in Fekete István Kindergarten
  172. Guide dogs in Kalocsa
  173. Guide Dogs in LEO Camp
  174. Guide Dogs in Múcsony
  175. Guide Dogs in Nagyiván
  176. Guide Dogs in Sajógalgóc
  177. Guide dogs in Summer Heat – How to Look After Your Fury Companions in a Heatwave
  178. Guide Dogs in Szirmabesenyő
  179. Guide Dogs in the Primary School of Görömböly
  180. Guide Dogs in the Special Education Methodology Institute in Józsefváros
  181. Guide Dogs in Tornanádaska
  182. Guide Dogs In Training Swap Families for a Fortnight
  183. Guide Dogs Marching
  184. Guide Dogs On Animal Appreciation Day
  185. Guide Dogs on Blue Lantern Day
  186. Guide Dogs on Festive Book Week
  187. Guide Dogs on Humanities Day
  188. Guide Dogs on Messer Family Day
  189. Guide Dogs on NEXON’s Family Day
  190. Guide Dogs on Scooters
  191. Guide Dogs on Students’ Council Day
  192. Guide Dogs on the Family Day
  193. Guide Dogs on the World Animal Day in the Belvarosi Liget in Miskolc
  194. Guide dogs on Treasury Cup 2014 in Miskolc
  195. Guide Dogs on UPC’s Family Day
  196. Guide Dogs on World Animal Day
  197. Guide dogs successful appearance in the WSR at the Hungaroring
  198. Halloween with Labrador puppies
  199. Happy New Year 2015
  201. Help from New York to Train Guiding Dogs in Hungary
  202. Henna the pensioner guide dog met with her previous owner
  203. Hike on Hármashatár Hill
  204. His guide dog is waiting at home while Misi is dragon boating
  205. How to Help if You Meet a Person with a Guide Dog
  206. How to Recognize an Assitance Dog?
  207. How to train our guide dogs in the hot summer weather
  208. Huba found his new family
  209. Hungarian Guide Dog School on disaster exercise
  210. I am Lámpás
  211. I am Lars
  212. I am Márvány
  213. I am Müzli
  214. I’m Mágnes
  215. Ice, the world traveller guide dog
  216. If you are always late, you definetely need a guide dog!
  217. Ikon celebrated his 2nd birthday
  218. Ilona and Szilaj our new guide dog couple
  219. In art with guide dogs
  220. Indigo became a forest dog
  221. Interactive Practice with Fecske, the Guide Dog
  222. International Guide Dog Day
  223. International Guide Dog Day
  224. International Guide Dog Day is waiting for you too!
  225. International Guide Dogs Day in Allee
  226. International recognition of the guide dog training in Miskolc
  227. Ion is a faithful helper of Ágnes
  228. Iram and Kállai Antónia passed exam
  229. It is better to avoid flashing light and noise, which can scare the dog
  230. It is never too early to start learning
  231. It’s Springtime, Let’s Make a Trip!
  232. Ivett Balogh and Boglárka Passed the Traffic Safety Exam
  233. Joy and Love with Guide Dogs
  234. Judit Vannai: Enthusiast of guide dogs and photography
  235. Katalin as a partially sighted shouldered a great task: she helped giving birth to 10 guide-to-be puppies
  236. Kiwi and Karma became their owners’ real partners
  237. Kiwi and Kürtös reached the next level of learning
  238. Kontra has entered a new phase of training
  239. Körte continues her studies at our trainer
  240. Körte Paddling for Guide Dogs
  241. Kriszta Bogdán and her guide dog, Ebu have passed their exam
  242. Labrador Puppies are Waiting for their Puppy Raisers
  243. Lady Plays Street Pianos to Support Guide Dog Training
  244. Laszlo and his guide dog Felho (which means Cloud in Hungarian) pass road safety exam
  245. Latte and Vica make a great couple
  246. Latte goes to university
  247. Leon and his siblings will become guide dogs
  248. Let the guide dogs in too
  249. Let the guide dogs in too
  250. Let’s meet Milka
  251. Life Saving, Farewell and New Hopes
  252. Lilla Plachy and Inga passed the exam
  253. Limbo introduces herself
  254. Lions International Exchange Camp With Guide Dogs
  255. Lions Youth Camp with Guide Dogs
  256. Lívia Kovács and her guide dog Cody
  257. Love beyond the grave
  258. Mágnes and his siblings run after the camera with flying ears
  259. Mágnes and Müzli successfully completed their exams
  260. Mágnes is eager to start learning
  261. Marti and Gandhi Passed the Exam
  262. Márvány Goes to College
  263. Máté and Fülöp Passed Their Exam
  264. Máté and His Guide Dog Fülöp
  265. Meet Leon
  266. Messer Family Day with Guide Dogs
  267. Mignon introduces herself
  268. Miklos and Kappa make a dream team
  269. Milán and His Guide Dog Nelson’ s Exam
  270. Milan and His Guide Dog, Nelson
  271. Miracles Happen Every Day
  272. Mítosz and his siblings will be guide dogs
  273. Mokka takes after Iris best of all
  274. More and more volunteers help to train guide dogs worldwide
  275. Morris, the lifesaver guide dog
  276. Morze and Brigi love each other stronger day by day
  277. Mutual respect, love and harmony
  278. Müzli Hits the Road to Become Guide Dog
  279. Müzli moved to his new home
  280. New successful guide dog exam
  281. Nice but Plain the Dog-Friendly Beach in Balatonföldvár
  282. Nine yellow puppies were born
  283. Nóra and Cora passed the exam
  284. Nora and Torma successfully completed their traffic safety exam!
  285. Norbert Nagy and the Baráthegyi Ambassador Program
  286. October is the month of vision – A guide dog means a better and easier life
  287. Óda has an oppinion of everything
  288. Of Course They Enchanted a Whole Class
  289. Oktáv and Ádám have passed their exams successfully
  290. One rarely sees a couple sail through their exam like this
  291. Our Bóbita dog shows you how to name your puppies in style
  292. Our Christmas Braille puzzle
  293. Our First Experience day was held for our volunteer colleagues
  294. Our fourth puppy with a name starting with an M: Menta
  295. Our Goodwill Ambassador, Tibor Dobson, Brigadier General
  296. Our guide dog was attacked twice in Győr
  297. Our guide dogs in training turn 1
  298. Our guide dogs were introduced to 100 children
  299. Our guidedogs went to and outdoors foodcourt
  300. Our New Ambassador, Anna Pásztor
  301. Our New Ambassador, Ferenc Rippel
  302. Our New Ambassador, Zsófia Kisfaludy
  303. Our new guide dog couple began to prepare!
  304. Our New Team: Erzsi and her Guide Dog, Gesztenye
  305. Our New Team: Noemi and her Guide Dog Gerbeaud
  306. Our next couple passed the exam successfully
  307. Our next guide dog couple passed the exam this time from Verpelét
  308. Our puppies have become 4 weeks old
  309. Our puppy trainers won prizes
  310. Our smallest guide-dog students were born
  311. Our students enjoy the summer
  313. Parfé and Attila get the most out of each other
  314. Paws and High Heels
  315. Piszke and Katalin’s romantic story is continued!
  316. Playing with the Trainer
  317. Public transport operator BKV pays recompense to passenger with guide dog
  318. Puppies ’Seen by Birds’
  319. Puppy Pupils Meet After Almost A Year
  320. Raising a guide dog student is a noble task
  321. Raising a guide dog student is an adventure of a lifetime
  322. Real children’s wishes come true
  323. Rest at the trainer
  324. Restart after a tragedy: Infra again, became a true partner
  325. Robi and Ostya took the exam without a hitch
  326. Rumi, the wonder dog
  327. Rusty, the loyal guide dog was poisoned
  328. Safer with a guide dog in sleet as well.
  329. Sándor and Ikon passed their exam successfully
  330. Sándor feels that he has regained his independence with the help of Infra
  331. Sanyi and Ikon will make the perfect mach
  332. Self-confident with a guide dog
  333. Sensitivity Training for Volunteers
  334. Sensitization training with guide dog
  335. Serious task is waiting for these puppies
  336. Sesame became a guide dog
  337. Sessions Aimed to Combat Exclusionary Attitudes with Guide Dogs
  338. She was a novice dog owner, but she has passed her exam with flying colours
  339. Sighted Volunteers With Guide Dogs
  340. Six-week old puppy test for Limbo and her brothers and sisters
  341. Slumbery puppies at Christmas
  342. Someone Whose Dream Job is Working With Guide Dogs
  343. Special Dogs, Who Open the Gate to the World
  344. Student guide dogs in Göőz Joseph Primary School in Aszaló
  345. Successful exam by our couple from Sopron
  346. Successful exam by our new guide dog couple
  347. Successful exam by our new guide dog couples
  348. Successful guide dog exams
  349. Successful guide dogs have ‘tough love’ moms, study finds
  350. Successfully completed the first guide dog developer camp
  351. Szabolcs and Elvis in the Kindergarten
  352. Szellő’s (Breeze’s) First Litter Was Born
  353. Szikra and Annamari have passed the finish line
  354. Tamas and Trafi Save Lives in Turkey
  355. Teleworking- Also in Guide Dog Training
  356. Telling you the story of the first birth
  357. The „O” litter celebrates its birthday
  358. The 50th Baráthegyi Guide Dog
  359. The Cuddly Tail of Guide Dogs
  360. The eternal child coped with the exam
  361. The first M puppy – Mese
  362. The first puppies of Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs were finally born
  363. The funny adventures of little paws – before becoming guide dogs
  364. The Hungarian Masseurs were on the Podium at the European Goalball Championship
  365. The life of our visually impaired colleague is only due to his routine
  366. The M breed is 8 months old
  367. The most professional leaders meet at Hungaroring
  368. The new four-legged guardian angel of a Superwoman
  369. The Newest generation of guide dogs was born
  370. The O-litter introduces themselfes
  371. The relationship between Zsolt and Nátán is very close
  372. The Successful Exam of Ádám and his Guide Dog Bözsi
  373. The Successful Exam of Gábor and Gina
  374. The Successful Exam of Krisztián and Nina
  375. The Successful Exam of Zsuzsa and Frutti
  376. The Team of Baráthegy Mourns
  377. The unicorn was beaten by the guide dogs
  378. There are two new puppies in our group
  379. Therefore, the guide dogs for blind are incredible
  380. They Solve Everything Together, Eszter and Uno Completed Their Exam Well.
  381. This happy puppy will be a guide dog
  382. This is how guide dogs party with their owners
  383. This is How Lab Puppies Practiced to Become Guide Dogs
  384. This is the reason we reward our dogs with treats
  385. This little labrador will be a guide dog some day
  386. Three of Our Client-Dog Double Continue their Studies on University Level
  387. Three success stories for Christmas
  388. Tibor and Szamos passed their exam successfully
  389. Tiny Labrador puppies take over the Island
  390. Tiny labradors are waiting for their puppy-educators
  391. Today is Mother’s Day
  392. Together the guide dog trainers
  393. Together they overcome every obstacle
  394. Tolerance Day With Guide Dogs
  395. Trafi the rescue dog doesn’t know fear
  396. Two black labradors recieved an A+ in their exam
  397. Two caring souls have found each other – together Anikó and Kontra make a perfect team
  398. Two Fantastic Exams at the End of 2016
  399. Two More Successful Traffic Safety Exams
  400. Two newly trained hungarian guide dogs found owners
  401. Uncle Misi and his Guide Dog, Bodza, Passed the Exam
  402. Unexpected challenges? Solved!
  403. Uniting for Guide Dogs
  404. Utopia, the Unique Guide Dog
  405. Vaccination and microchip were given to 10 puppies of Iris
  406. Valentine’s Special Fashion Show
  407. Valentine’s day: The question of balance in living together with a guide dog and a boyfriend
  408. Vera and Tramini Pass Guide Dog Test with Ease
  409. Visionary – A magazine without frontiers dedicated to guide dogs and assistance dogs
  410. Visually impaired move into social housing in Miskolc
  411. Waiting for Christmas with Guide Dogs
  412. Walking Cast, Walk-out at the Bus Company, Missing Chip – a Few “Harmless” Barrier
  413. We are an ethical fundraising organization
  414. We Are Looking for Four-legged Heroes
  415. We are looking for puppy raisers for ten yellow guide dog students
  416. We Are Looking Forward to Receiving Applications for Puppy Raisers
  417. We Are Mourning our One-year-old Dog
  418. We are the 10 Little Labrador – the first week in pictures
  419. We celebrate Tex’s 10th Birthday
  420. We Could Learn from the Greatest
  421. We covered the eyes of bus drivers – sensitization with guide dogs at BKV
  422. We did not sit idle in June either
  423. We Entered for the Hard Dog Race Competition with our Guide-dogs
  424. We got a nice combi that our dogs tried out immediately
  425. We got on a bus with our guide dog students
  426. We have sensitised our puppy raisers
  427. We held a naming ceremony for the guide dogs puppies.
  428. We Held the Naming Ceremony for Szellő’s (Breeze’s) Puppies
  429. We introduce Latte
  430. We introduce our new couple Barna and Lokum
  431. We look forward puppy educators for 10 tiny labradors (starts in the middle of April)
  432. We Met Future Puppy Raisers
  433. We Practiced Calling-up the Puppies
  434. We received a double birthday present from Mokka
  435. We received a pre-Christmas gift from Winnipeg
  436. We took our puppy dogs to a nice snack
  437. We tried out “puller”
  438. We use shoes to protect our guide dogs in the heat
  439. We visited the Guide Dogs breeding center in Birmingham and the Training School of Leamington
  440. We went to Bükkszentkereszt with our guide dogs
  441. We won a prize with our Guide dogs!
  442. We’ve participated in the General Meeting of the European Guide Dog Federation
  443. What can a person living with visual impairment do and what can a police officer do in an emergency?
  444. When the Smallest Meet
  445. When the trainer’s eyes are covered
  446. Why I Became a Puppy Raiser
  447. Why is it good to be a volunteer guide dog puppy raiser?
  448. With Books for Guide Dogs
  449. With Guide Dogs at the Bosch Summer Camp
  450. With guide dogs at the sensitization training in Alsózsolca
  451. With guide dogs on Hármashatár Hill
  452. Wonderful Companions made possible by Donations
  453. Year-end summary
  454. Zoli and guide dog Oktav pass traffic safety test
  455. Zoltán and Fanni Passed the Exam
  456. Zoltán and His Guide Dog Fecske Passed the Exam
  457. Zoltán Vida and Rizling, living in Miskolc, are over of a very difficult exam
  458. Zsófia Lengyel receives the Brave Women Award
  459. Zsolt and Ebu’s Successfully Passed the Exam
  460. Zsuzsa and Dzsini


  1. “He feels how much I love her.”
  2. “I trust you Bagira”
  3. ”It feels like flying.”
  4. 001: Krekács Ervin és Fidó
  5. 002: Dr. Varga Szabolcs és Szuzi
  6. 003: Makádi Zsófia és Amál
  7. 004: Tóth István Richárd és Opál
  8. 005: Jurászik Sándor és Miru
  9. 006: Szabó György és Maszat
  10. 007: Szalai Jánosné Anikó és Mandula
  11. 008: Szakony István és Huba
  12. 009: Kácsor Macska Zsuzsanna és Bogi
  13. 010: Tóth Rea és Lilike
  14. 011: Forgács Szabolcs és Fióna
  15. 012: Hegedűs Angéla és Lora
  16. 013: Spitzmüller Gergő és Blinky
  17. 014: Vincze Zsuzsanna és Rumi
  18. 015: Kovács Lívia és Cody
  19. 016: Kedvesné Oroszi Piroska és Henna
  20. 017: Beáta és Deni
  21. 018: Plank László és Dömper
  22. 019: Balázs és Sodó
  23. 020: Julcsi és Oszkár
  24. 021: Krekács Ervin és Bogyó
  25. 022: Edelényiné Sebestyén Nóra és Strimmel
  26. 023: Csengeri István és Joey
  27. 024: Széll Sándor és Argó
  28. 025: Zoli és Frodó
  29. 026: Zoli és Borcsa
  30. 027: Varga Nóra és Dani (kiképző Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  31. 028: Palásti Tibor és Jerry
  32. 029: Norbi és Tami
  33. 030: Pozsgay Dóra és Ében (kiképző: Mezősi Tamás és Köbli Mónika)
  34. 031: Tokaj Jenő és Opál (kiképző: Mezősi Tamás)
  35. 032: Tóth Rea és Mézi (kiképző Nyíriné Kovács Mária N)
  36. 033: László és Blake
  37. 034: Tóthné Kiss Orosz Mária és Rusty (kiképző: Mezősi Tamás és Köbli Mónika)
  38. 035: Papp János és Trevor
  39. 036: Nagy András és Leo (Kiképző:Demján Vera)
  40. 037: dr. Kocher Irén és Kira (Kiképző Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  41. 038: Lukács Ágota és Vacak (kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  42. 039: Bartus Barbara és Demi (Kiképző: Komondi Piroska)
  43. 040: Körösmezey Dávid és Miksa
  44. 041: Majzik Zsolt és Andy (kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  45. 042: Balogh Ádám és Dana (kiképző: Köbli Mónika)
  46. 043: Király József és Maximus (kiképző: Demján Vera)
  47. 044: Terhes Tamás és Jampi (Kiképzők: Szabó Gábor és Komondi Piroska)
  48. 045: Cassie és Bea
  49. 051: Szabó Debóra és Emi
  50. 055: Kriszta és Ebu
  51. 056: Szabolcs és Elvis
  52. 060: Farkas József és Opál
  53. 066: Gábor és Gina
  54. 072: Máté és Fülöp
  55. 073: Dr. Bérczi Antalné és Tesla
  56. 076: Krisztián és Nina
  57. 078: Ábrahám Alexa és Gamma (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  58. 079: Király Noémi Erzsébet és Gerbeaud (Kiképző: Lékáné Viszokai Katalin)
  59. 080: Urbán Mihály és Bodza (Kiképző: Lékáné Viszokai Katalin)
  60. 081: Szvirida Antónia és Felhő (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  61. 082: Erzsi és Gesztenye
  62. 083: Kállai Kristóf és Brendon
  63. 085: Nyikes Fatime és Leia
  64. 086: Kubiczki Nikolett és Dolly (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  65. 087: Gál András és Google (Kiképzők: Lékáné Viszokai Katalin és Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  66. 088: Kiss Márti és Ghandi (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  67. 089: Samu Attila és Aysha (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  68. 090: Jurászik Sándor és Mandy (Kiképzők: Királyné Barkóczi Emese és Mezősi Tamás)
  69. 091: Dr. Nagy Anikó és Brúnó
  70. 092: Farkas József és Hack (Kiképző: Dr. Mezősi Tamás)
  71. 093: Csengeri István és Igor
  72. 095: Szvirida Antónia és Iram (Kiképzők: Királyné Barkóczi Emese és Komondi Piroska)
  73. 096: Kiss Barna és Gyömbér (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  74. 097: Széles Attiláné Panka és Hablaty (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  75. 098: Széll Sándor és Ikon (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  76. 099: Edelényiné Sebestyén Nóra és Cora (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese és Dr. Mezősi Tamás
  77. 100: Danis Dia és Bagira (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  78. 101: Plachy Lilla és Inga (Kiképző: Köbli Mónika)
  79. 102: Puskás Antal és Indigó (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  80. 103: Mészáros Ágnes és Ion (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  81. 104: Dr. Varga Szabolcs és Ice (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  82. 105: Palásti Tibor és Szamos (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  83. 106: Sáfrányné Kobli Írisz és Dolly (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  84. 107: Bernhardt József és Kürtös (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  85. 108: Dombai Mihály és Körte (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  86. 109: Dr Sebestyén Kálmán és Kiwi (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  87. 110: Batiz Antal és Grafit (Kiképző: Cserven Lajos)
  88. 111: Pál Piroska és Karma (Kiképző: Cserven Lajos)
  89. 112: Jovány Barbara és Bebe (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  90. 113: Wirth Maya és Rusty (Kiképző: Komondi Piroska)
  91. 114: Sziva Dániel és Géniusz (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  92. 115: dr. Pál Dániel és Kávé (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  93. 116: Hegedűs Brigitta és Artúr (Kiképző: Cserven Lajos)
  94. 117: Horváth Szindi és Milka (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  95. 118: Lengyel Zsófi és Mokka (Kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  96. 119: Nagy Béláné és Müzli (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  97. 120: Kiss László és Mágnes (Kiképző: Cserven Lajos)
  98. 121: Baranyai Zoltánné Marika és Mese (Kiképző: Köbli Mónika)
  99. 122: Prekker Csaba és Alma (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  100. 123: Buza Timurné Vica és Latte (Kiképző: Köbli Mónika)
  101. 124: Hetyey Miklós és Kappa (Kiképző: Köbli Mónika)
  102. 125: Orosz Gábor és Kapitány (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  103. 126: Berta Brigitta és Morze (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  104. 127: dr. Csuzda Zsolt és Nátán (kiképző: Nyíriné Kovács Mária)
  105. 128: Farkas Anikó és Cora
  106. 129: Pozsgay Dóra és Noé
  107. 130: Balogh Róbert és Ostya (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  108. 131: Belecz Zsuzsanna és Prizma (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  109. 132: Bokros László és Felhő
  110. 133: Orbán Roland és Orion
  111. 134: Prepszl Tamás és Pixel
  112. 135: Fábián László és Okker
  113. 136: Bodnár Attila és Parfé
  114. 137: Szőts Balázs és Ózon
  115. 138: Szíjj Zoltán és Oktáv
  116. 139: Török Sándorné és Piszke
  117. 140: Farkas József és Rege
  118. 141: Vida Zoltán és Rizling
  119. 142: Berczi Zsolt és Pezsgő
  120. 143: Bobcsák Ferenc és Rézi
  121. 144: Kovács Ivett és Rozé(1)
  122. 145: dr. Rédei Alexandra és Serpa
  123. 146: Horváth Andrea Cecília
  124. 147: Balogh Ádám és Oktáv
  125. 148: Kardon Annamária és Szikra
  126. 149: Nagy András és Gina (e. Infra)
  127. 150: Kolompár Dániel és Origó
  128. 151: Vucseta István és Tavasz (Kiképző: Köbli Mónika)
  129. 152: Tanai Csaba és Szamóca
  130. 153: Lukács Ágota és Olivér
  131. 154: Kónya Barbara és Ruta
  132. 155: Kopa Marcell és Sámán
  133. 156: Vértesi Alexa és Titán
  134. 157: Kadelka Zsófia és Tulipán
  135. 158: Várnai Kun Vera és Tramini (Kiképző: Farkas Darinka)
  136. 159: Nagy Sándor és Szezám
  137. 160: Varga Nóra és Torma
  138. 161: Dr. Szabolcsi Eszter és Utópia (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  139. 162: Veres Istvánné Bea és Unikum (Kiképző: Királyné Barkóczi Emese)
  140. 163: Török - Zselenszky Eszter és Uno
  141. 164: Zsolnai László és Tangó
  142. 165: Krekács Ervin és Vackor
  143. A visually impaired student and Ikon are becoming friends.
  144. Alexa és Titán 1
  145. Alexa és Titán 2
  146. András and Google
  147. András Gál and the host of the event
  148. Aysa_Samu-Attila-1 Public transport nyito
  149. az elso talalkozas babel laszlo szarka kicsi
  150. babel laszlo szarka .2 kicsi
  151. babel laszlo szarka .3 kicsi
  152. balaz-ozon-kicsi
  153. balogh-adam-oktav-facebook-400x533
  154. barathegyi__okt15_b--2
  155. barathegyi_jan_10_2018-15
  156. barathegyi_jan_10_2018-16-400x600
  157. barathegyi_jan_10_2018-18-400x 2
  158. barathegyi_okt11-
  159. Big Adventure nyitó
  160. Brave boy with Kenobi the guide dog and his trainer Móni
  161. bruno serules
  162. busz
  163. busz1
  164. busz2
  165. cikk1
  166. cikk2
  167. Come on Bóbita
  168. csoki1
  169. dav
  170. dig
  171. dig
  172. dig
  173. díjazott 2
  174. díjazott 2.2
  175. dijazott1
  176. díjazott1.1
  177. elsokep
  178. fbt
  179. fodij 1
  180. fodij2
  181. harmadikkep
  182. Ikon is sitting at the feet of his raiser looking up at her wisely
  183. indigo
  184. indigo
  185. Indigó 181126 1
  186. Indigó 4 18 11 26
  187. indigo fb
  188. indigo2
  189. indigo4
  190. indigo5
  191. indigo6
  192. Infra András
  193. ion
  194. istock-93394604
  195. kapitány vizsga
  196. kölyöktalalkozo 202109 14 logo
  197. kölyöktalalkozo 202109 3 logo
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  199. kölyöktalalkozo 202109 8 logo
  200. kölyöktalalkozo 202109 nyito logo
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  208. kolyoktali-202301-logo-541x384
  209. Konya-Barbara-es-Ruta-vagott-514x592
  210. Kriszta and Ebu
  211. Learning to wait on unusual surface
  212. Lego and the student girls
  213. Limbo
  214. Maja and Pax
  215. Márti and Ghandi
  216. masodikkep
  217. Mesi Annamari Szikra
  218. morze es brigi
  219. Nátán (4)
  220. Nátán (4)
  221. negyedikkep
  222. negyhetesek fiera
  223. nevado1
  224. Okker-es-Laszlo-400x300
  225. Oktáv
  226. oliver-kolyok-2-logo-400x300
  227. Online credit card donation
  228. origo-es-daniel-400x533
  229. Orion-Roland-400x533
  230. ostya-robi-nyito
  231. parfe-attila-nyito
  232. Piros
  233. pixel vizsga
  234. poster_figure1
  235. poster_figure2
  236. poster_table1
  237. poster02
  238. prizma nyito
  239. Professional assistance
  240. Puppy 2
  241. Puppy nyito
  242. roze vizsga ivet vagott
  243. Sir Janos Rithnovsky
  244. Szezam-576x384
  245. Szots-Balazs-es-Ozon-scaled-1-400x520
  246. T.Csaba és Szamóca vizsga
  247. T.Csaba és Szamóca vizsga
  248. T.Csaba és Szamóca vizsga
  249. Tamas nyitokep
  250. Teaching how to slip under a chair
  251. The employees of Messer Kftand the representatives of our Foundation
  252. Titan-512x384
  253. Torma-444x592
  254. Tulipan-1-403x592
  255. u betus alom ujszulottek 0
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  262. ustream elohoz
  263. wcag-2-1
  264. We are many
  265. Zoli bemutatkozó