Sighted Volunteers With Guide Dogs

Some of our volunteers visited our first sensitizing program of the year to learn about the everyday life of visually impaired people.

This exciting meeting provided our sighted participants with new viewpoints on how we they can help their visually impaired fellow human beings, for example during a street crossing. For more details please click here.

The key momentum of the afternoon was the practice part, where Zoltán Vida, the blind IT specialist at Baráthegyi Foundation demonstrated some of his outstanding skills and won everyone over with his talent. He explained the mysteries of the Braille writing system and the participants could also try out a special, speech recognition software. They also read a text at a pace that was usual for Zoltán but turned out to be almost incomprehendably fast for everyone else.


In the picture there is a Braille typewriter, a laptop and a guide dog harness on the table. Two ladies are sitting behind the table with a young man between them.
We practised Braille writing with Zoltán

With their eyes covered, our volunteers could experience the feeling of walking with the help of a guide dog or managing everyday life situations. They could perceive what a significant difference the presence of a guide dog makes and how much support it can provide towards living a more independent life. A guide dog is a living link to the external world , a lovely, kind creature we can trust unconditionally. This idea moved everyone and gave us all food for thought. And the dogs know it all: they know the cracks in the pavement, the new street posts that have to be bypassed and all the other obstacles. They carry out all their tasks flawlessly because the specialists at Baráthegyi Guide Dog School specifically train them for their noble mission.


In the picture, a lady with covered eyes is holding the harness of a black guide dog. She is standing at the top of a short flight of stairs. Her instructor is standing on the other side of the guide dog.
We were walking with Diamond in the street

utting their trust in a guide dog proved to be a very special experience for the participants. We will soon come back with a detailed report on how they coped with the challenge.

To take part in our next senzitizing programme, please click here or call 0646311236. We look forward to meeting you!

Let us do something VERY GOOD together, so that more people can live a freer, more independent life!