She was a novice dog owner, but she has passed her exam with flying colours

Barbara Kónya and her guide dog Ruta has passed the traffic safety test in Budapest.

The pair pulled the route of the city park and started the test from Gép Street in the 10th district.They traveled by bus, tram, and despite having to travel in a difficult downtown area, they passed the exam with excellent ratings.

Barbara required a guide dog because she crossed the roadways very precariously. But now, as a confident dog owner, they routinely cross the more difficult parts of the city centre. They have grown into a matching, lovely couple

– said Darinka Farkas, the trainer of our guide dog.

For half a year, Ruta has been a faithful companion to Barbara, who had started the transfer training as a complete novice dog owner.
Congratulations to our couple for solving the tasks of the exam so beautifully!

It is with a grateful heart that we think of Nóra Polakovics, our volunteer puppy raiser, for raising this wonderful helpmate for us in love.

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