Sessions Aimed to Combat Exclusionary Attitudes with Guide Dogs

This week we visited the pupils of Primary School of Fóti út. The children welcomed us very kindly and enthusiastically. They sat around our trainer colleague and her puppy-in-training, Fiji, and they were listening carefully what one needs to know about guide dogs and how to help the visually impaired. Then they gave better and better answers to even tricky questions, such as whether a guide dog can enter with his owner to a restaurant or hospital, or whether a guide dog has to wear a muzzle. Those who gave right answers received a cute Baráthegyi badge as a gift.

In the picture a lady is talking in the schoolyard. A yellow Labrador is lying by her legs in harness and children are sitting in front of her in a half circle.
Everyone is listening!

Then, of course, the pupils could try out with the help of Fiji what it is like to walk blindfolded with a guide dog.

In the picture, a blindfolded girl has just started to walk with a yellow Labrador, who is guiding her. Behind the girl, there are two children waiting. The trainer is holding the dog’s leash.
A brave pupil

Besides Fidzsi, the Labrador puppy Gordon, who came to the school with his volunteer raiser had a huge success and got a lot of stroking,

Thank you very much to everyone this joyful afternoon!