Sesame became a guide dog

Sandor Nagy and Szezám (Sesame) passed the road safety exam in Sopron.

The confidence coming from the guide dog carried everyone off their feet. The nervous owner was also impressed by her, so everything went well in the road safety exam.

We thank Mónika Köbli for training Szezám. We are also grateful to Enikő Soltész-Kopácsi and her family for raising this wonderful dog. We would also like to thank Krisztina Gazsó, Mária Hajdú, and Darinka Farkas for their work on the examination committee.

„Szezám, who is a real princess, helped her owner with calm confidence. She carried the examination committee off their feet with her charm. She and her owner routinely solved the unexpected situations such as avoiding cars, bicycle parking on the sidewalk and other obstacles. Szezám could not even be distracted from her work by playing frisbee next to her” – said our trainer, Mónika Köbli.

Szezám and her trainer: