Sensitization training with guide dog

It is never too late to learn and experience new things, like being led by a dog guide of course! This week members of the Indiánnyár Értelmiségi Kör from Miskolc came to meet us. Five different stages were set up for them so that they could experience how it feels to be blind:

  1. On the first stage they could experience difficulties blind people might have to mind and get over them when using a white cane.
  2. On the next stage participants had the chance to try what it feels like to walk with a guide dog. They could experience how different is when a qualified four-footed animal takes care of them, than being led by an inert object.
  3. Our smell recognition game took place at the third stage that allowed the participants to try how they could get on with housekeeping by leaning solely on their sense of smell.
  4. On the fourth stage they could learn how to help people with visual impairment by using vision guide technic.
  5. The fifth stage was about doing kitchen tasks blindfolded. This was an excellent morning, with a nice atmosphere, we would like to hereby thank you again for coming.
In the room on the picture an elderly man is walking around among chairs blindfolded with white cane in his hand. There is a lady standing in front of him.
Walking with white cane
On this picture a black Labrador in harness leads a blindfolded elderly lady on the pavement. On the next side of the dog the trainer is walking, keeping its slip in hand.
Walking with guide dog
Our smell recognition game
Our smell recognition game