Rusty, the loyal guide dog was poisoned

The Barathegyi Guide Dog  School is in mourning

Rusty, the loyal guide dog was poisoned at the peak of his carrier
Rusty, the loyal guide dog was poisoned at the peak of his carrier

Despite the best efforts of veterinarians, Rusty the guide dog could not be saved. Even the immediate emergency surgery did not help. The post mortem examination proved the cause of death to be poison, causing Rusty to suffer a horribly painful death.

This tragedy left us all in a deep shock. Rusty’s owner, dr. Maria Kiss-Orosz Toth (Maja) , who due to her blindness was completely dependent on the skilled guidance of Rusty, is unable to recall the event without crying. We laid the complaint to the police together, reporting this inhumane, horrendous crime. The unknown criminal cruelly slaughtered the mother of two’s four-legged caregiver.

Killing a guide dog is a horrific, unforgivable crime. The perpetrator not only has the blood of an innocent animal on their hand, they also took a most loyal companion away from someone. A companion, who until know was there day and night to help a human being overcome the hardships caused by blindness.

There is also the material damage. The cost of the selection and lengthy training of a guide dog, together with the necessary education of the potential owner, is well over 2 million HUF (about EUR 6500), a cost which is covered entirely from private donations. Blind owners receive their guide dogs for free from the Barathegyi Guide Dog School, but it takes months of hard work of both dog and owner to learn how to work together.

Rusty was in his prime, the top of his carrier. He guided his owner perfectly through everyday activities. They went to work together, picked up the children from school together, and after hours they also attended University together. Only a few short weeks ago Rusty accompanied his owner to her graduation ceremony from the University of Miskolc. The became doctors together…

Rusty was brutally slaughtered, but we have hope that the police will bring his killer to justice and the perpetrator will receive their deserved punishment for their inhumane crime.

500 thousand HUF clue leadership prize offered  the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School to anyone who can help the police investigation merits.
570 thousand HUF-clue leaders will now be in charge, who knows Rusty poisoning related to police work meaningfully help. Indeed, during the day yesterday two friends (who did not contribute information to the public) management fee of 70 thousand  HUF  clues offered formally to the police, would like to thank them very much.