Robi and Ostya took the exam without a hitch

An ever-moving man and a fast-paced dog found their mate for many years.

Róbert Balogh and Ostya passed the traffic safety exam in Miskolc today. Ostya performed nicely in the obedient part. Robi drew the “SZTK Circle,” which means around the hospital building, and completed it with his guide dog without any mistake. Ostya went all the way confidently, paying attention to his master on the narrow sidewalks, and he skillfully went among the cars parked on the sidewalk. Finding the bus stop and traveling was no problem for the couple either.

Robi comes and goes a lot, and for this lifestyle, Ostya is the perfect partner. They are excellent together, which has been perfectly proven today. Ostya is one of our breed dogs, amiable, has a good relationship with his owner.

Ostya puppy keeper Kriszta Kovács came to kiss her beloved dog and meet Robi. We are grateful that he raised such a great dog for us and provided Robi with a lot of good advice. She told her what she liked best.

We thank Emese Barkóczi for training her Ostya. We would also like to thank the examiners, Kata Rózsa, András Szűcs, and Piroska Komondi, who represent our foundation.

We wish our couple many happy years together!