Rizling Completed the Puzzle in Zoli’s Life

Rizling is Vida Zoltán’s third guide dog. They have a very special relationship and it is not only because he helps him in his everyday life.

Zoli told us about the release of his first guide dog and about how he met the other two dogs.


“Borcsa was my first guide dog. One of his eyes had to be removed due to cancer. After that, I knew she has to retire, I could not expect her to guide me with one eye, but it was hard to let her go. We keep in touch with her. She turned 14 years old this year” – said Zoli.


“I met Fanni at first in a dog running when she was 6-month-old. She was a cute black Labi, I liked her a lot. Borcsa still lived with us, therefore I did not know what to do. That’s when I had the idea, what if Fanni would help me in my everyday life, and Borcsa would live her well-deserved rest with a family. I had the opportunity to test Fanni during her training. I got to know her as an enthusiastic, kind and stable dog, who became a family member from one moment to the next. We passed our traffic safety exam as a duo, and a very ideal period of time followed it. She came with me to the work and events; therefore many people knew and liked her. She was 6 years old, when she unexpectedly became ill and died within a week.”

In doubt

Zoli then wondered if he still wanted a dog: “Borcsa became blind on one of his eyes, Fanni had died… I struggled a lot as I did not want to lose a third dog, but without a dog I felt very dependent.”

Rizling – Love at first sight

“Two months had gone, when my wife Adrienn and a trainer colleague, Emese told me that there is a dog in training, I should see him. This is how I met Rizling, and I already saw that he had a very good personality, he was kind and wiggled his tail. I began to think that then I could have a dog. Rizling was love at first sight. At the end of August, we started to practice together. He moved in with me, and we could practice with Mesi every day and in October we passed our exam. Rizling is with me everywhere.”

They live on in Rizling

Rizling “inherited” Fanni’s and Borcsa’s good qualities, as if he was a combination of the two, so it feels a bit, as they were with me too. He gave me hope, I trust him, that he will stay with me during his nice long life.