Restart after a tragedy: Infra again, became a true partner

Infra has been over a very difficult time, as in July, her owner, Sándor, died in a fatal accident. By now, there is no trauma remained in Infra and she was looking forward to guard the steps of a person with visual impairment. Her whish was fulfilled, because she could change András’ life.

On 15 th October, on the day of the white cane, with the story of Infra, we call the attention of the drivers that each day of the year, they should take care of the people with visual impairment who use guide dogs or white canes!
What does a guide-dog for blind (hereinafter guide-dog) means for its owner? A typical example was mentioned by Infra’s new owner, András Nagy. We all know how important for every one of us to get to work or to our meetings in time; for a person with visual impairment the guide-dog is a devoted partner:

It takes 3-4 minutes to walk to my work if I took it with my guide-dog, the same route
takes 10 minutes if I use my white cane.


– said András. He also added that how important for him the safety and love he receives from Infra. András is also happy about his colleagues who kindly welcomed Infra at work.
The couple get to work by bus and tram. Infra nicely guides him in road intersections, underpasses, she has confidence on the tram and the bus. She nicely shows the seats on the vehicles to her owner.
András is very grateful for all of these to the chocolate brown “girl” dog: “I make surethat she always feels well, she likes playing with the ball and wrestling with me.” This cute and playful dog waits patiently for the breaks at work, when they can go to the street and her owner sets her going.

András Nagy and Infra started their independent life in the downtown of Budapest.
Infra had adapted surprisingly fast and from the first moment, she understood that
from now on, she is responsible for the safety of András during their transport. András’
previous guide-dog Leó, has recently retired to a loving family, therefore he was happy
to get a new four-legged partner, who watches all his thoughts. Infra is eager to get in
his harness to guide his owner to his work and to end the day with a great, common

– said Emese Királyné Barkóczi, the trainer directing the common work of the couple.
Infra’s two lives
We remember well, with aching heart that Infra and Sándor Modok have not got to their destination in July. A disregardful car driver hit them near Sándor’s work. The few weeks after the tragedy were difficult for Infra, though she had minor injury, she was confused and didn’t understand what happened.

Infra, after the accident, was transported to her previous trainer’s house, which back then Infra regarded it as her house, as she lived there during her original training. She had lot of rest in this loving surrounding, and when the time seemed appropriate, she was encouraged to get into her harness again.

As I trained Infra before, I could compare her guiding skills at previous times, and I noticed that she was happy to work again and that she got lot of experience during the years of guiding Sándor. If I would see that Infra had problems with anything during the work, then the Foundation would naturally offer her adoption to a loving family.

– said Emese Királyné Barkóczi.
Infra is 5 years old now, she is in the middle of her service “career” and she is going to
have lots of nice years ahead. We are delighted the she can start a new life with András.
We wish them many happy years together!