“Raising puppies is awesome”

In the beginning of March, the L pack puppies moved to educators. Kitti Farkas spoke about the joy of being able to take part in raising puppies from the beginnings and see as their personality develops. Not immediately but she would raise puppies again in the near future.

Kitti would raise puppies in the future
Kitti would raise puppies in the future

“I’ve been with Baráthegyi Guide Dog school for two years now. I got here when I became the educator of Cora who is now at her trainer. This is when being an owner of a female dog came up. That’s how a mother dog, Csikó, moved to me.”, remembers Kitti.

“We agreed with the school what I had to pay attention during her pregnancy and I was told to call immediately if the dog shows signs of giving birth so they could arrive in time.”, recalls Kitti. That’s how it was, the professional staff of the foundation was there in no time and assisted the 5-hour-long procedure, while all the six puppies were born healthy and without complications.

The puppies stayed at Kitti’s until they became 8 weeks old and now she is full of excitement. “I cannot find other worlds now – it is an awesome thing. A lot of caring is needed but it worth the exhaustion when they became happy to see you in the morning. Of course, they are happy to see everyone because they are puppies.” say Kitti with a huge smile on her face.

You have to care a lot about them because everything is new to them. However, despite all the difficulties, Kitti would continue in the future. She thinks that if someone has the conditions to take in puppies, they should start it. “Raising a puppy in the volunteer educator program of baráthegyi
is a noble thing because this way we can help visually impaired people. But raising a whole pack of puppies is a completely different task I consider this the type of good deed that I would accept in the future as well.”- says Kitti.

She also expressed joy in imagining what will happen later with the puppies, how they will perform on the guide dog training, who will get the certificate and who would help a visually impaired person later. Although every small one is cute, Leon was Kitti’s favourite in the beginning. As they greq, they started to develop their own personalities and each of them could be loved for a different reason.

“After, being really human centered, it was Legend(a) who stole the hearts and turned people’s heads.”, says Kitti.

The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School would like to thank Kitti and her family for taking care of the puppies and their mother. We would also like to thank you for following the story of the puppies.

We will soon be back with the story about what happened when they got to their puppy trainers.