Puppy Pupils Meet After Almost A Year

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the last puppy meeting was held in August 2020. After a pause of
almost an entire year, we gathered on Hajógyári Island on a nice weekend this summer, fully
observing of course all the Covid rules. Everybody had a great time, from pups to foster families and the guide dog trainers of our foundation.
We arrived with a small group of Labradors to Hajógyári Island where 16 dogs of ours and their foster
families were reunited. Before, we had been trying to socialise our guide dog candidates in tiny
groups, but there had been no opportunity for a real meeting.

Socialisation is very important in the life of a puppy. Puppy meetings play a key role in the development of our guide dog candidates.

Nóra Juhász, Puppy Coordinator explains.

We had a difficult few months, as the foster families and guide dog trainers had to come up with tasks for the dogs that did not require visits to shopping malls or meeting large groups of people, as these were forbidden due to the epidemic.

The last year has been difficult for foster families, as they were forced to devise new ways for the puppies to meet people and other dogs. The virus made our lives extremely difficult. We were really looking forward to the opportunity to hold a puppy meeting again.

Nóra Juhász adds.