Playing with the Trainer

This is how we care about the wellbeing of our dogs

The dogs, in guide dog training are not only working dogs, but the member of our trainers’ family. Did you know that they only learn 3-4 hours a day? So, they have time for many things. For having rest, playing, and for having a happy life. And, we provide them with all this. therefore, we start a series about it for introducing to you what the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School’s “students” do in their free time.

It is important to know that our dogs, namely the guide dog “pupils” are handed over to the trainers after they are one year old. They are matured to learn, even they need the daily occupation. Of course, also that the trainers play with them every day. The common disengagement, getting to know each other are important, because the trust between the trainer and the dog is built by those as well. We already showed you in a video how deep bond is required that the trainer being blindfolded, entrust her life to that dog, whom she got to know only a few months before. You can watch the video about Tulipán walking with his blindfolded trainer here.

First of all, the dogs feel pleasure and happiness during playing, but there is more than that. They get tired by solving their tasks requiring hard concentration, which we relieve by playing. Gamboling helps them to switch off. Playing is also a good beginning of learning. Moreover, during learning as well, as the dogs consider this as a compliment in between the tasks require thinking. It is good if the dogs know how cool and funny to learn. I tell them lets have fun! And they are already running.

– said our trainer, Orsolya Látrányi and they started their playing with Tango. The yellow male lives in Leányfalu, in his trainer’s home.

The play can be several types. We only showed those related to the training, but we are going to continue this. For example, we start the day with running, which in many cases means a group of 3 to 5-6 dogs playing together, but we will tell you about it later.