Piszke and Katalin’s romantic story is continued!

Piszke and Katalin completed their exam really well. They are a very well-matching couple.

Piszke participating in the traffic carefully and slowly, therefore we would not find a more competent assistant for Katalin Sándorné Török. This kind lady’s left hand is weaker, therefore Piszke’s fine manner suits her well. It happened that Katalin has felt dizzy during walk and her true friend had sensed this and stopped immediately. At home, when Katalin does not feel well, Piszke snuggles up to her lap straightaway. No wonder that Katalin was extremely delighted after passing the exam.

Piszke’s trainer, Lajos Cserven has seen today’s performance this way:

A long and complicated route was drawn by Katalin, to be completed together with Piszke without any mistake. They started from our Miskolc Centre. Szinvapark gave them a challenge but they walked up the glass stairs well, got through the revolving door and even used the elevator. They got through without difficulties on the greatest pedestrian street of the city where lot of restaurants set their street terrace. Those makes walking difficult for many of the people walking with guide-dog, as there are terraces reaching to the tram tracks as well. They continued their way to the centre by using the bus which wasn’t easy in the huge crowd.

Piszke was raised up together with two other family dogs in Alsózsolca. Thanks so much for Petra Siklósi for raising such a clever dog for us. Piszke can’t complain about her present life either as she is living together with three other dog-mates in her owner’s house. Stepping in their yard feels like a dog-paradise, as the life of the whole family is all about the dogs, so everyone is happy.

Thanks for the work in the examination committee to Mária Hajdú, Emese Királyné Barkóczi and András Szűcs.