Paws and High Heels

Some young people showed how to look elegant with their guide dogs. Paws and High Heels (Tappancs és Tűsarok) held on December 3 was the first fashion show with guide dogs in Hungary.

„ Partner, girl, friend, powerlifter, owner of a dog and ultimately blind. It’s always the last one, because the others are more important, more typical and more interesting”, said Zsuzsanna Vincze, one of the models of Barathegyi Guide Dog School.

The message of fashion show Paws and High Heels is that it is important for many visually impaired to look good, that other see them nice and they are willing to do a lot for that. Friends of Baratjhegyi Guide Dog School appeared on the red carpet of the fashion show in the latest fashion, with their guide dogs and their companions at their side.

The image is a tableau showing the models, volunteers and guide dogs participating in the fashion show.
The team

„It wasl also interesting to exchange views of each other’s clothes, as we worked with several fashion designers and before the show only a few knew what the others will wear on the red carpet”, said Debora Szabo, Emií1s owner.

„ Our social responsibility is to bring the visually impaired and the sighted closer to each other; to get it across that the visually impaired are useful members of our society”, said Katalin Lékáné Viszokai, guide dog trainer.

The fashion designers of Paws and High Heels, ANNAEVA, Artista, Fibula, Romani Design, Jelmez-Art provided the 12 models’ clothes free. The dogs’ trendy leashes were provided by Sixfeet dog design.

An exciting video was also made of the fashion show:

Tappancs és Tűsarok videó

Photo: Tamás Millók