Our next guide dog couple passed the exam this time from Verpelét

The year of 2015 also began hectically at the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School. A transportation security exam took place on the second day of the first week: everyone was excited about the first exam of the year since Maja and Pax took up the big challenge.

Maja and Pax: following the successful exam, Maja squats cuddly to the apparently very proud yellow Labrador guide dog, Pax.
Maja and Pax

The exam seemed to be highly exciting as it took place in a small town, Verpelét. The particularities of the town meant real challenge to the couple, but Pax, accordingly to his name calmly and peacefully completed his mission. The examiners were particularly pleased about how smartly he guided his partner even on the road without sidewalk, where bumps and icy puddles set up a real obstacle course, meanwhile watching attentively the traffic around them.

The visit at the post office, and the safe approach of the bus station were also sections of the exam, which meant the next challenges for Pax: a Chihuahua lady came around so she can draw the attractive yellow Labrador dog’s attention. However she did not manage: if Pax is in harness he only concentrates on his mission, and not even a beautiful Chihuahua lady can distract him…

During the examination Pax demonstrated in many situations that he will be a worthy successor to Rusty, the brutally murdered guide dog, whose murderer has still not been arrested unfortunately.

Knowing Maja’s hectic life, for which a guide dog is essential, Pax will not only have to deal with the small urban challenges, but as he demonstrated during the exercises, he will not worry about even the metropolitan roads, therefore he will be able to confidently guide his owner in the Budapest transportation too.

We would like to hereby congratulate for the successful exam!

Did you know that similarly to Maja only about 1% of blind people in Hungary are supported by dog guidance even though it means a much more effective mean of support than any inert object? Did you know that guide dog trainings, can be funded only by private donations (like mostly everywhere in the world). Did you know that thanks to these private donations we can hand over the more and more guide dog for free to their new blind owners?

You must be aware that we need even more guide dogs.

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