Our guide dogs were introduced to 100 children

We organized a large-scale program at Arany János Primary School in Százhalombatta. The owner of Fiji, Dóri studied here so they also joined us with many others.

The kids are fascinated by Ikon, the future guide dog
The kids are fascinated by Ikon, the future guide dog

The future guide dogs were lined up like the organ-pipes, starting with the smallest and including the ebony black Arthur, Kappa, Ion, the yellow Ikon and the experienced guide dog, Fidzsi.

The kids were very happy to find out how the education level of dogs depends on their age. We talked about guide dogs and they could try how a guide dog can lead them. The end of the training is approaching for Ikon who led the kids to the chair after they finished walking.

Ikon already knows how to offer a seat to his future visually impaired owner. One of the little girls took the point and said „Oh, how sweet he is, he led me to the chair”.

We are very proud that the team of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School held a sensitization training for approx. 100 pupils during this long day. We would like to thank Dóri Sápi, our two volunteer puppy raisers, Andrea Sápi (Kappa), Marika Szűcs (Artúr), Hermina Nyíri, the coordinator of our puppy raiser program and our trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács for their work.