For children

Iskolai foglalkozás a vakvezető kutyával
Iskolai foglalkozás

Our foundation has been organising seminars aimed at children of all ages since 2007, showcasing specially trained guide dogs from the Barathegyi Guide and Helper Dog Training School Foundation. We offer the opportunity for children to experience working with guide dogs, get an idea of the different kind of disabilities people live with, the difficulties they face every day and how to overcome them, as well as the opportunities available for disabled people. We also teach children the correct way of helping disabled people.

Children are sensitive and openminded, therefore the world should be open to them.

Guide dogs accept people as they are. Helping comes naturally to them. They never say no and never complain. We aim to provide children with a sneak peak into the everyday lives of disabled people and the difficulties they face trough the work of guide dogs. We believe that it is important to teach children tolerance, sympathy and caring early on. We teach children how to be helpful members of society and how to behave around and care for guide dogs.

School programme with a guide dog
School programme