Nora and Torma successfully completed their traffic safety exam!

There was everything which could possibly confuse Torma’s attention during the exam. A pigeon flying up in front of her nose, a growling dog, but none of them distracted the guide dog, she steadily went on her way. There was only one thing in her mind: to safely guide her owner to her destination.

We asked Nora Varga how she was feeling herself:

“Before the exam I had a healthy excitement. I knew that the route is familiar. But the usual, daily distracting factors could be present. The route itself, I drew, was challenging anyway. There was a strait section of road included seven road crosses, but during the exam, as on weekdays, it was possible to ask for the pedestrians for help, which calmed me down immensely. The event was not unknown as we already went through it with my previous dog called Dani. The members of the exam committee were very friendly
which made this situation easier.”

Behind every exam, there is a teamwork

Thanks to Orsolya Látrányi for training a devoted, loving companion for Nora. Thanks for the work in the exam committee to Zsóka Bernáth, Krisztina Gazsó and Piroska Komondi. We are grateful for László Ádám Gréci for raising up Torma with love.

Please support the training of the guide dogs by offering the 1% of your tax! Our 1% tax number is: 18449149–1–05

How much does a guide dog cost?

There are more guide dogs needed in Hungary. There are lot of people waiting for this loyal mate at our Foundation. On average, there are 40-50 people on our waiting list. At this stage there are 12 dogs in training and according to our plan there will be 30 puppies born this year, whom can be guide dogs in the following years.

All expenses, covering the lifetime of a guide dog is more than 5 million Forints.

This period of time is about ten years. Expenses of covering a lifetime includes: breeding dogs, breeding, raising up the puppies, veterinary costs, supply, facility, training (1,5 million for job costs), training the owner, handing over the dog, examination, follow up and aftercare for 10 years, replacement of the facilities, extra costs of veterinary care of the aging dog, costs around the retirement, overhead expense, using of vehicles, etc.

This makes the total expenses of 10 years more than 5 million Forints.

Our Foundation raises the amount of money needed for the trainings by the 1% tax offers and donations.