Nóra and Cora passed the exam

Nóra Edelényiné Sebestyén and Cora passed the road safety exam successfully on the 27th of August in Miskolc. Strimmel, the previous guide dog of Nora, was also trained by us. Strimmel has already been retired but he is living with Nóra’s family happily. Cora took the lead in everyday traffic with her youthful dynamism and extremely responsible devotion.

In the first part of the exam, the examiners made sure that Cora is happy to respond to the commands from her visually impaired owner during the obedience tasks. The route from the Vision Rehabilitation Center to the house at Andor Street was pulled out after that. The route was covered with puddles after the morning rains in the damp heat. Cora led Nora carefully and accurately, signaled the ascents and descents, pointed the stairs, and avoided obstacles on their way, without Nora touching anything. They had to travel by bus and tram, Cora pointed the stops accurately, pointed the door when Nóra got on the bus and she was waiting patiently until they
got off the bus. They had to cross several barrier-free streets when a frightened stray dog passed through one of these cross streets and turned back to meet Nóra and Cora. Cora handled the situation with her usual composure. She slowed down just as much as they could move away from the other dog and they went on with confidence. Their harmony was so strong as if they have been walking together for years, however their common life has just started.

Such a large team helped Nóra and Cora to pass the exam
Such a large team helped Nóra and Cora to pass the exam

We thank to the members of Examination Committee, Enikő Bajnóczy and Kata Rózsa for the examination.

We also thank to the puppy raisers of Cora, Kitti Farkas and her partner, Dani for putting their heart and soul into raising of Cora. We also thank to our colleague, Zoli Vida for training with Cora before she got into Nóra’s family. Emese Királyné Barkóczi was the trainer of Cora.

We wish Nóra and Cora many long and happy years together!