Nine yellow puppies were born

We are delighted to announce to you that last night the “A” litter was born.

„The nine puppies are doing great. The five females and four males were born quickly, as it counts for such a big litter in a 4-hour time span. We are also satisfied with their weights which range between 35-40 kg. Zina is smiling happily, as she is carefully cleaning, feeding, and warming them” – said our volunteer Ménesi Gizella, who is providing home for our mother dog and her puppies.

We promise to post about the puppies regularly for the next few months.

We waited for their arrival.

This is the 12th litter in our Breeding Program. We currently have four mother dogs. It’s very important that the puppies arrive because many people are waiting for guide dogs at our foundation.

„On our waiting list there is an average of 40-50 people. Currently, 12 of our dogs are being trained, and so far, 28 puppies have been born here this year, of which a guide dog can become next year” – said Piroska Komondi, head of the Barathegyi Guide Dog School.