Nice but Plain the Dog-Friendly Beach in Balatonföldvár

Shady beach, gently sloping water but no toilet and you also have to prepare for the crowd at the dog-friendly beach of Bataonföldvár – according to the survey of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School.

The water of the dog-friendly beach that opened in July in Balatonföldvár constantly deepens so those who can’t swim can walk in far from the beach. The bed is soft but does not sink below us and there are large trees on the beach giving nice shade.

The natural conditions of the beach are excellent, but it has all the initial problems typical of dog-friendly beaches in Hungary: there is no mobile toilet, water supply facilities, a place to shift one’s clothes. In comparison, the dog-friendly buffet, a normal buffet on the edge of the line of hotels, is an extra which we would trade for a mobile toilet for example. It is annoying that you can’t find a toilet within approximately one kilometre walking further on the beach in front of the hotels.

On a summer weekend, up to 80-100 dogs and even more owners are crammed into the designated area, around 60-70 metres of coastline.

In the picture three dogs are playing on the shore of Lake Balaton.
Dogs enjoying the beach!

Hugy wallow evolved around the stairs leading into the water. A solution for this problem should be found this summe, because it is unpleasant to sink into the mud walking in and out of the water. A wide rubber mat could work.

Don’t be afraid that your dog is tempted to go too far: the beach is bordered by reeds from the entrance, while the other half is adjoining the coastline that belongs to a hotel, and the hotel guests may have some unpleasant shouts in store  ,so it would be better to mark the end of the dog-friendly beach more clearly.

In the picture a woman is playing with his dog in the water. There is an orange ball in the dog’s mouth.
Barbi and her guide dog, Demi

It was the first time for Barbi Bartus to swim in Lake Balaton with her guide dog, Demi and she felt completely safe. Demi no longer wanted to see her out of the water to protect her than before. His concern was unnecessary because Barbi is great swimmer: she was not even frightened by the waves of Lake Balaton.

Our recommendations:

Shady beach and gently sloping water but the dog-friendly beach in Baaltonföldvár is recommended only for those who can bear this kind of simplicity. You also have to prepare for the crowd.

Those with a guide dog shall come with a companion, because the road to the dog-friendly beach is not too easy to follow from the train station of Balatonföldrán and some sections are even dangerous. We set off in an alley of huge plane trees but we could walk only for a while in promenade Kwassay, because it led to Rákóczi Ferenc Street running parallel with the rails, where there is no sidewalk on a section. Then we had to walk the bicycle path, close to the cars.

Baráthegyi Guide Dog School tests the dog-friendly beaches of Hungary in the summer to see if they are suitable for people with guide dogs. Their basic needs are the same as other dog owenrs’ , so our comments can be useful for everyone who is planning a holiday.