We Are Looking for Four-legged Heroes

Everyday heroes live among us. If we look around better, we may see that they “get lost” at our feet or in the yard. Barathegyi Guide Dog School is looking for them now with Profession.hu.

Heroes are needed; guardian angels who have a mission in the world; who develop their potential with serious training and work. But they must be found first. This is why Profession.hu and Barathegyi Guide Dog School joined forces.

Four-legged heroes
Four-legged heroes

A guide dog = A new life

There are currently 33,000 people with visual impairments in Hungary and only 1% of them have a guide dog. This rate is not much higher abroad on average two percent of the blind use a guide a dog. The number of new claimants is increasing, not many dogs are suitable for the task and the training takes half a year. So you have to wait up to 2-3 years for a four-legged

Barathegyi Guide Dog School and Profession.hu have teamed up to find those 1-1.5-year old “lost” talented Labradors through advertisement who are ready to meet new challenges and willing to change their current lifestyle to become a hero, a supporting companion.

A guide dog = A new life – certified by those who owe a lot to their four-legged companion trained in Barathegyi Guide Dog School.

Labrador retriever, the born helpmate

The aptitude of a dog does not depend so much on breed characteristics, but on the individual abilities of a dog to guide responsibly. Retriever breeds meet most the required criteria such as patience, calmness, courage, adaptability, love of other dogs (or even cats) and the ability to cooperate with humans and most often Labrador Retrievers will become guide dogs.

A more complete life

The purpose of the call is, of course, not to break happy dogs of their family. Unfortunately, however, life often produces satiations where a “career change” can be a good solution. The move, sickness, or even divorce of the owner can lead to not having enough time for the dog not only on weekends, but the daily walk cannot be solved either and the dog stays at home alone too long during the day. In such a case, a conscientious owner can recognize that he cannot deal sufficiently with his dog and understands that the beloved animal deserves more. The call of Barathegyi Guide Dog School is for these owners.

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