Müzli Hits the Road to Become Guide Dog

Müzli the golden retriever lady already proved at the February Puppy Meeting how much she had learnt. Together with her puppy trainer, Réka Sápi, she performed perfectly in all the tasks so now she can start her adult training in Miskolc.

Müzli blew the candles on her first birthday cake and then said goodbye to the Sápi family and their dog Fidzsi so that she can start a new phase of training. Having packed her favourite stuffed toys and balls, she left for Miskolc.

She is to carry on with her training under the supervision of our trainer, Emese Királyné Barkóczi. She was quick to befriend Alma, a dog that had started college earlier.

We wish to thank the Sápi family for raising yet another candidate after so many others to start guide dog training and Katalin Sándorné Török for taking care of the tiny puppy – now a perfect little lady! – in the first 8 weeks of her life.

Our mission is to turn Müzli into a true guide dog. You will also be proud of her!