Mutual respect, love and harmony

Zsuzsa Belecz and guide dog Prizma passed traffic safety exam in Tata.
Zsuzsa was a bit anxious at first but she trusted her guide dog Prizma to look after her as always. In the first part of the exam, the dog has to stay and wait while the owner is gone. Prizma was disturbed by another little dog while, a dachshund, while trying to stay and wait without moving. Prizma did really well: he ignored the tacsko and kept on waiting for Zsuzsa without a stir.
Throughout he exam we could feel that the pair have strong mutual respect, love and harmony with each other. Prizma also helps Zsuzsa keep her balance while walking and to stay steady on her feet. The harmonious canine-human duo walked along the chosen exam route without difficulty. They even had to board a bus as part of their journey!
We would like to thank all our volunteers who helped raise Prizma! Eniko Kopacsi and Winnipeg (Prizma’s mum) who looked after him in the first few weeks of his life and Sara Speier and her family for volunteering to be Prizma’s puppy host family.
We would also like to thank members of the examination board Kata Rozsa, and Maria Hajdu for their work.

We would also like to wish Zsuzsa and Prizma many happy adventures together!