Milán and His Guide Dog Nelson’ s Exam

Despite the overcast skies, the road safety exam of

Milan and his charming yellow Labrador, Nelson began in a happy mood in Ajka. After pulling their route, the team confidently strode toward their well-known dog run to complete the first part of the exam, the reliability tasks.The team accomplished the outward route routinely, without any problems.Arriving at the dog run, Nelson began to run cheerfully, but one work from Milan and Nelson  stopped to play, wenr back to Milan, and showed that orders sit, down and stand are in his fingertips. After the presentation of the disciplinary practices, the team targeted the bus stop. As result for the everyday bus rides,  they performed in full accordance how a disciplined guide dog and his owner travel.

In the picture a young man is getting on the bus with his guide dog, a yellow Labrador.
Milán and Nelson

After getting off the bus, a car approaching inadvertently and fast made it difficult for the team to cross ajunction, but Nelson skillfully stopped protecting thereby Milan. A grumpy little dog waiting for her owner made it difficult to get into the post office, but as a result of Milan’s definite instructions Nelson skillfully solved this unexpected situation. They presented the stay task among people waiting, during which Nelson almost started his regular morning nap. They fulfilled their way without any problems, so the board of examiners was pleased to congratulate on the nice, successful exam they passed together.

We would like to say thank you for Koss Krisztián and his family for being a part at Nelson’s upbringig, and Köbli Mónika, Nelson’s trainer for her devoted and professional work.