Miklos and Kappa make a dream team

Miklos Hetyey and his guide dog Kappa have successfully passed the traffic safety test.  Despite the unusually cold weather, the dedicated duo lack no enthusiasm and lead the exam committee briskly through the inner parts of Sopron. Kappa’s dog trainer was Monika Kobli.

Miklos and and his guide dog Kappa, who got to know each other pretty well by now, managed to dodge unexpected obstacles like a bicycle or a car parking on the pavement with ease.

They finished the tasks without any difficulties and worked together beautifully. Congratulations & we wish them many happy years together! We would also like to thank the contribution of Viki Varga and Piroska Komondi, members of the exam committee. 

We would also like to thank Andrea Sapi and her family for supporting our important work of providing guide dogs for the visually impaired  by raising yet another great puppy as a host family.